Dr. Bradley Katz

Dr. Bradley Katz - Tecport VisionChief Medical Officer

Bradley J. Katz, MD, PhD, is a board licensed physician and surgeon that specializes in neuro-ophthalmology. Dr. Katz is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, but has practiced at the John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City for the past 17 years. He focuses on treating eye conditions and neurological diseases that affect vision, including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and symptoms of diabetes.

Education and Research Interests

Dr. Katz attended the University of Illinois, where he attained a Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience in 1991 and a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1993. After completing his residency, Dr. Katz joined the John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah and began his work in the Department of Ophthalmology. Dr. Katz has published numerous academic articles, and is currently focused on researching neurological conditions associated with light sensitivity.

Professional Experience

Dr. Katz has worked at the John A. Moran Eye Center in Salt Lake City since 1999 and is currently a tenured professor at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Utah. He is Board Certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Ophthalmology. His specialties include cataract surgery, ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, vasculitis, and clear lens extraction.

Throughout his career, Dr. Katz has received numerous academic and research awards in his field, including:

  • Achievement Award, American Academy of Ophthalmology (2010)
  • Fellow, North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society (2008)
  • Dennis W. Jahnigen Scholar, American Geriatrics Society (2007)
  • Fellow, American Academy of Ophthalmology (2000)
  • Lloyd M. Nyhus Award for excellence in research, University of Illinois (1993)
  • First Place, University of Illinois College of Medicine Student Research Forum (1987)