Dr. Nabil El-Hag Appointed Managing Director and Co-Chairman of TecPort Vision as Company Prepares for Global Expansion into the Multi-Billion Dollar Migraine Industry


August  15, 2017

TecPort Vision Has Commercialized the First Clinically Proven Non-invasive Medical Device for the Treatment of Migraine Headaches

Mr. Tam Le (left) and Dr. El-Hag at TecPort Headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Tam Le, Chairman of TecPort Optics and TecPort Vision, today announced the appointment of Dr. Nabil El-Hag, currently Vice Chairman of TecPort Optics, as Managing Director and Co-Chairman of TecPort Vision.

“Our company is on the precipice of an exciting and truly innovative expansion into the medical treatment of migraine headaches. We are honored and confident that Dr. El-Hag’s leadership and business acumen will enable TecPort Vision to achieve success on a global level”, said Mr. Le. “ Over the past few years, in his capacity as Vice Chairman of TecPort Optics, Dr. El-Hag has worked closely with me in creating business opportunities and the formation of strategic alliances. He crafted the alliance that enabled us to deploy our patent-pending cold plasma technology. He was the architect of business and technology platform that launched TecPort Vision, and has guided us through the early stages of business development.” said Mr. Le.

The development of TecPort Vision’s patented and clinically proven lens for the treatment of chronic migraine headache is a “game changer” in the industry.  The vast majority of FDA approved treatments for migraines are comprised of orally ingested pharmaceuticals, which have concerning negative side effects.  TecPort’s lenses have been successfully tested for clinical efficacy and the company’s R&D program has reached the final confirmatory FDA approval stage.

“I am honored and eager to continue leading TecPort’s strategic business efforts to bring this innovative breakthrough to both the medical community and the nearly half a billion people who suffer from this condition worldwide. Our technology and know-how have been integrated to assure the right balance of light wave absorption and light distortion to provide positive results for the hundreds of millions of migraine sufferers, who are eager for a safe, non-invasive, practical and economical solution to this debilitating condition,” commented Dr. El-Hag.

Dr. El-Hag is an award winning scientist, an accomplished Fortune 500 executive, and an experienced entrepreneur. He brings over 40 years of unique business and technical experience to TecPort Vision.  A former Olympic athlete, Dr. El-Hag earned a PhD, MPh and MSc from Rutgers University, an MBA from Fordham University and an accreditation in Executive Management from Columbia University. His many industry accolades include a DuPont Award, a Clio Award and a national Food Processing Award.