TecPort Vision and Avulux Venture Partner Get FDA Greenlight to Enter the US Migraine Market

Press Release

June 15th, 2022 — Tam Le, Founder and Chairman of Tecport Vision, a company based in Orlando,
Florida, announced today that the FDA has determined that Avulux patented optical lenses are a
general wellness product and thus may be marketed with a claim that wearing Avulux glasses to filter
specific wavelengths of light may, as part of a healthy lifestyle, help people living with migraine. Avulux
optical lenses were developed in conjunction with leading University of Utah scientists and are available
exclusively under the Avulux brand. The Avulux brand is the only scientifically proven, non-pharmaceutical
lens option that effectively filters out blue, amber and red wavelengths of light, which have been shown to
trigger or worsen migraine attacks.

“We are grateful to our Vice-Chairman, Dr. Nabil El-Hag, the visionary architect and driving force
behind our joint venture aimed at bringing our technology to the US market,” said Mr. Lee. According
to the MIGRAINE RESEARCH FOUNDATION, about 12% of the US population suffers from migraines.

“The FDA greenlight is the culmination of a nine-year
journey with world-renowned scientists and business
leaders. It’s been an honor to shepherd this
technology through the clinical and business
development process.The ability of Avulux migraine
glasses to provide a safer, less invasive way to
alleviate the symptoms associated with light-sensitive
migraines will be a game-changer for doctors and
patients alike” commented Dr. El-hag.